Traveling Using Split Train Tickets

The Official Guide To Traveling Using Split Train Tickets

What you should not do when traveling using split train tickets instead od traveling on a more expensive through train ticket

Using the train ticket booking service will automatically find all available train split ticket options and possible savings on your train route.

You still travel on the same train, at the same times and in the same seat but with two or more cheaper tickets instead of one expensive ticket and you do not have to break your journey at any of the intermediate stations BUT there are a few things that you should care not to do.

Traveling Using Split Train Tickets
The Official Guide to Traveling Using Split Train Tickets
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Passengers traveling using split train tickets travel exactly the same way they would have had they been traveling on a regular through train ticket BUT there are a few things you should take care not to do when traveling using split train tickets.

Although you still travel on the same train, at the same times and in the same seat but with two or more cheaper tickets instead of one expensive ticket it is extremely important that you adhere to the primary condition that the train you take must stop at all the places you have bought tickets for and not just pass through them.

Booking split train tickets with is easy and the National Rail Conditions of Travel clearly state that you may use more than one ticket to complete the train journey and this means that split ticketing is allowed and legal. The following extract from section 19 of the National Conditions of Travel could not be any clearer:-


19. Using a combination of tickets

You may use two or more tickets for one journey as long as together they cover the entire journey and one of the following applies:

(a) they are both Zonal Tickets unless special conditions prohibit their use in this way. The Ticket Seller will, if you ask, advise you whether you can use a Zonal Ticket in combination with another ticket.
(b) the train you are in calls at a station where you change from one ticket to another;
(c) one of the tickets is a Season Ticket (which for this purpose does not include Season Tickets or travel passes issued on behalf of a passenger transport executive or local authority) or a leisure travel pass, and the other ticket(s) is/ are not.


However, we are aware of passengers who have been forced to pay penalty fares and perhaps even been ordered off their train but only because they have not followed and adhered to the few simple but important guidelines.

The most common cause of problems for passengers using split ticketing is that they have selected the wrong type of train tickets when performing a 'do-it-yourself' split ticket reservation or traveled on the wrong train. Examples of these errors are:-

  • Passengers purchasing cheaper off-peak tickets for the middle segment of their journey but traveling that segment during peak time
  • Passengers purchasing split tickets that specify travel at a specific time and route and then traveling on another train
  • Passengers purchasing tickets and traveling on trains that pass through but do not stop at intermediate stations where they have split tickets
  • Passengers inadvertently purchasing tickets that entail changing trains but then continuing to travel on the first train they boarded

These are all likely genuine errors but can be costly when you are caught out by an alert train conductor and this is where real split train ticket services like have tremendous value for rail commuters. not only scans the entire national rail fare database to find you the cheapest possible permutation of split train tickets but will only offer you split tickets that allow you to travel on the same train and at the time you select thereby eliminating the risk of you falling foul of the rules.

If there are no moneysaving split train tickets available for your selected route and time or when splitting your tickets will not save you money will not offer you split tickets. Additionally, in event there are any special conditions that you need to be aware of, these are made known to you before you book your tickets and not left for you to discover at your peril after you have commenced your journey.

Travelers booking split tickets identified for them from can hence travel with the assurance that their journey complies with the National Rail Conditions of Travel and that they are enjoying genuine savings.

Try the moneysaving split train ticket search and booking engine above and you could be pleasantly surprised with the split ticket savings you could enjoy, even if you book on the day of departure. To view real and verified examples of our split train ticket savings click here.

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