Use the money saving split train ticket search and booking engine below and you could be pleasantly surprised with the split ticket savings you'll enjoy in addition to what you already save by purchasing your train tickets online in advance, even if you book on the day of departure!

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Splitticketing.com is managed and operated by rail travel enthusiasts determined to save as much money as possible on train tickets.

Split Ticketing, and our related internet portals, do not sell train tickets but only endeavor to identify and offer you moneysaving split train ticket options on the train route that you have selected and then provide you with a gateway to purchase those tickets from Raileasy. We do our best to save you time and as much money as possible.

Please note that splitticketing.com is unable to promote and that Raileasy is unable sell or process orders for Railcards, Season Tickets, Carnets, Cycle Reservations, Sleepers, Tickets in Exchange for Warrants, Tickets Including Admission, Privilege Tickets for Railway Staff, Rail Station Car Parking or Cycle Storage at Stations all of which you may book at your nearest local staffed train station.

What makes us different is that we actually do what we say, and on the rare occasion we are not able to identify and offer you split train ticket savings we do not charge you anything for using our online split train ticket booking service - and that is our promise to you. To view real and verified examples of our split train ticket savings click here.

SplitTicketing.com is free to use but if our method finds you cheaper train tickets by splitting than you would have got without splitting, we will charge you a fixed fee of 15% of the SAVING we have made for you. If we can't find you any saving we won't charge you a fee for using our service, although you can still book the split train tickets through us.

In addition to offering you the cheapest available train ticket prices across the National Rail network, you are also able to compare ticket prices and book tickets to travel on the Eurostar and Eurotunnel rail services, and even passenger trains in Russia!


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